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Barbara's *Moonstar* Confidential!

✽♥*Moonstar by the Sea*♥✽♥
A very warm welcome to ~all~ our wonderful Moonbeams! Thank you all SO very much :)

 Check out our clothing catalogue:

Our clothing is compatible with Classic Avatars and most of it now comes with appliers for Omega, Lola, Maitreya and Slink with more being added.
We have MESH clothing for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and SL Avatars, as well as a vast collection of classic clothing in all styles -  why not pay us a visit, you'll be happy with whatever you buy!

♥♥♥Our Weekend Special ♥♥♥ 
For Saturday 9th July
(will be a full price NEW IN STORE item on Saturday 16th July)
 Look out for it every weekend, you'll not want to miss it @ L$99 the best bargain in SL!
The Night Sky Gown with Jewellery is a gorgeous gown in shades of rich purple and royal blue with a peacock feather effect all the way down to the feathered hem of the skirt. It is a single strap with shoulder decoration otherwise leaving the shoulders bare and, of course, it's also sleeveless. It comes with a delicate beaded gold necklace and matching earrings.
Appliers for Lola, Maitreya, Omega and Slink are included and so is compatible with both classic and mesh avatars.

Matching Maitreya High, Slink High, Belleza High and SL Avatar Shoes are also available on special offer.

♥♥♥  Our L$35 Monday Mania  ♥♥♥
Our latest L$35 Monday Mania bargain is the MESH Cynthia Shorts set with Bangle - a MESH strapless crop top with a mostly purple organic pattern in 5 sizes to fit the majority of avatars coupled with a rather threadbare pair of denim shorts with a flower motif on the back pockets. The matching bangle is decorated with flowers.
Compatible with Classic Avatars and should fit most others but may need adjustments for it to fit. Do try the free demo in store!  Includes Maitreya, Omega and Slink appliers for the shorts.

✽✽✽  Our L$45 specials ✽✽✽
The Judy Lace Jumpsuit/Dress and Necklace is basically a leotard with longer legs and sleeves made from the finest lightly lined lace. It has a pattern of interlocking flowers in purple, the 3/4 sleeves and short legs show you off perfectly while maintaining modesty. The skirt comes as a separate item that turns it into a dress rather like a ballerinas outfit and the included matching necklace sets it off nicely.
Suitable for both Classic and Mesh Avatars and includes appliers for Lola, Maitreya, Omega and Slink.
The MESH Purple Daisies Sun Dress and Hat arrives just in time for the warm weather! It's a strapless sun-dress with elasticated waist and is thigh length and as the name implies, it's absolutely covered in purple daisy prints. It comes with a large floppy sun hat in pale purple with a band to match the dress and a large purple flower attached, great for the summer sun.
Suitable for Classic Avatars but should fit most others but may require adjustments to be made - do try the free demo in the store.

♥♥♥*Our Fifty5 Specials*♥♥♥
The Teal Leopard Catsuit and Shoes is a little different, I have never seen a teal leopard :) It's sleeveless with capri length leggings to display the matching Maitreya or Slink High shoes which are included. For coolness it has a couple of sinuous openings with fine mesh inserts and it even includes a gold chain belt.
Suitable for both Classic and Mesh Avatars and includes appliers for Lola, Maitreya, Omega and Slink.
The MESH (FitMesh) Sun Fun Jumpsuit, Sunglasses and Bangles is the ideal summer outfit, looking more like a mini-dress it leaves a lot of skin open to the sun. It has an unusual pattern reminiscent of the seaside, and a choker style neck in the same green as the sunglasses. The bangles are another reminder of beaches and summer holidays :)
Suitable for both Classic and Mesh Avatars with fittings for Maitreya and Slink Physique and Hourglass.

Find the L$35, L$45 and Fifty5 offers here:
Here is the Fifty5 webpage which lists all the other great offers:

♥♥♥ NEW♥♥♥NEW ♥♥♥ NEW ♥♥♥

      ✽✽✽✽ This weeks New In Store  ✽✽✽✽

The Celia Gown and Jewellery is a truly regal gown fit for a princess - it has a full, floor length crinoline skirt that hangs from the hips instead of the waist, giving it a long bodice to make you look slimmer. It is made from lined cream lace with a leaf pattern with a white lace panel to the bodice and the hem is also trimmed with white lace. It comes complete with ruffled opera gloves, a bracelet and gold two strand necklace and earrings.
Appliers for Lola, Maitreya, Omega and Slink are included, so is compatible with both classic and mesh avatars.

Matching Maitreya Mid, Slink Mid, Slink High and SL Avatar Shoes are also available.

Here's a great way to keep cool this summer and it's FOUR dresses in one with the easy texture change HUD supplied. They are the MESH (FitMesh) Ice Cream Lace Dresses and Jewellery. The dresses are bias cut at the hem and made from very see-through lace so there's almost nothing of them and the bootlace shoulder straps enhance that impression so that the included pastel coral jewellery weighs more than the dresses all together!
Suitable for both Classic and Mesh Avatars - but do try the demos! - and comes with Omega appliers for the lace panties in addition to the system models.
The Blue Blossoms Dress, Shoes and Accessories is a (very) cut downcheongsam, a very short version with side slits that go hip high, in a pretty blue tinted flower print. It is fitted with gold clasps and the accessories are a twin banded belt with gold buckle and an armlet to match the dress, plus there's a free pair of Slink High shoes included.
Suitable for both Classic and Mesh avatars and includes appliers for Lola, Maitreya, Omega and Slink.
Like flowers? The Forget Me Not Camisole Set is the answer! Absolutely covered in pretty blue forget-me-nots, it's a bit risque as it has a rather revealing laced opening down the left front, but all is not lost, as a pretty matching bra is supplied to preserve your modesty and a matching headband and necklace to enhance it.
Suitable for Classic Avatars in 5 standard sizes, it comes with Omega appliers and system layers for the modesty bra.
The MESH (FitMesh) Tropical Shirt Dress, Bangles and Shoes is a great outfit if you're exploring the jungle on safari! You only have to stand, turn and keep still and you'll be hidden with all those leaves printed on the front to the back back bias cut hem. It comes with matching bangles and includes both Maitreya and Slink Mid matching shoes.
Comes with fittings for Maitreya and Slink and should fit the majority of avatars - free demo available - suitable for both Classic and Mesh Avatars.

Find the New In Store here:

We now have a small store at Kikai and every week will be offering a "StealDeal". This week it is the Starfish Hoodie, Capri Pants and Flip Flops by Moonstar on special offer for just L$60!

Find it here:

See the other latest offers:

Have the best week everyone!!!

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