Monday, 27 December 2010

New for 2011

Ring in the New Year with one of these fabulous outfits from Moonstar!

*M* Teal and the Color Purple
Layers and layers of shear teal & purple sparkle twist and turn with your every dance move. Roses at your chest highlight the sexy feel, matching rose earrings...very flexi for great flow. {Recommended: Snow Fur by Moonstar if your weather is cold!}

*M* Leopard Gown
Total sophistication in this tightly fitted leopard print. Bodice sleeves are thich, full dark brown-black with an equally thick trim at the hemline. Iridescence Earrings with matching necklace are included. {Recommended: Mink Chocolate Fur by Moonstar to polish your posh!}

*M* Blue Metal Club
Looking for something a little less traditional? Bodice is a dark blue-green wrinkled satin with netted sleeves. Asymetical skirt has various sparkling shades of metal grey, silver and blue-green; waist is double banded & clasped with a leather strap. Over-the-Knee black leather boots & 4 Stack Bangles are included. {Recommended: Coal Fur by Moonstar to get you there!}

*M* Violetta Feather Dress
Short and flouncy plunge top dress with fabulous gradient feathered skirt from rich purple to black. {Recommended: Amethyst Fur by Moonstar for a gorgeous purple haze!}

*M* Turquoise Sparkle Jacket Set
Start the new year with a sparkle in this glitter jacket and tailored pants set. The outfit comes with white lacy t-shirt for a fresh cool look. {Recommended: Silver Fur by Moonstar to continue the metallic look!}
*M* Nerys Gown
Soft pale green open fronted gown with two pant options for two different looks. The skirt has a prim roses belt, and the outfit comes complete with perfectly matching sandals and wrap. {Recommended: Eden Fur by Moonstar for a perfectly toned outfit!}

AND ... a very *Happy 2011* to everyone :)))))

Sunday, 12 December 2010


You just HAVE to go and visit *Narnia*! Based on the C.S. Lewis book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", this is a magical walkthrough of the main points of the story. Okay so I began in that attic room with THAT wardrobe. I grabbed one of the (free) fur coats and nervously walked through the coats until ... I arrived in a snowy wonderland!
The colours are just staggeringly beautiful - icy blues, silver and of course snow white. There was the lamppost with ... surely that was Mr. Tumnus!
I followed the signs to the beavers' house where I sat by the fire and ate some warm gingerbread.
Now ... *smiling* I WILL tell you that I rode a magical sleigh pulled by polar bears up into the sky ... that I was warned to be on the lookout for that nasty White Witch (luckily she wasn't around as I explored her Ice Palace and played the Ice Organ! ... but I have met her and ... you won't want to mess with her!!!) and an escape polar bear was ready to fly me back down.
The ice statues in and around the palace were beautiful with lots of pose balls but you just have to visit to see just how lovely!
Unfortunately the escape bear dropped me off in the middle of the Narnia battlefield, where I had a ... disagreement with a large polar bear. Luckily I was able to grab a free sword and did battle bravely!
Avoiding the arrows flying by, I ran up the snowy hill and there waiting was ... ASLAN! After all that excitement it was good to give him a big *hug*!
Then ... on to the most beautiful TP that took me back to the beginning of my adventure in Narnia ... BUT this time spring had arrived! I followed the trail back to the attic room.
This is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in Second Life and has been created by 1Daisy Short and Sammi Sosa - two VERY talented people! You have to pay a visit and lose yourself in the winter magic you will find here!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cosy Red!

Our Group member gift this month is the "Cosy Red Gown" - a sumptuous full length red velvet gown trimmed with soft white fur ... very modest and demure UNTIL you turn around and show an amazing plunging low back which will certainly add that element of surprise!
Remember, *Moonbeams* get this gown for free all through the month of December!

It's *Showtime*!

So ... it's moody blues, dazzling whites and icy silvers at *Moonstar* today!
Actually it is a fabulous mix of festive wintery fashions for you in "A Winter's Tale" - the *Moonstar* Fashion Show today! Starting at Noon (SL time) we will have the show, followed by the fantastic Lightning Productions "Moody Blues" playing at our after show party. Of course there will be a special gift bag for everyone who comes along and it promises to be a wonderful event! Here are a couple of teaser outfits from the show: