Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lunar Lovelies :)

Susie Baily looking good in the Purple Check Jeans Set ... she doesn't have a favourite - she loves them all! We love YOU too Susie :)

Miya Wingtips looks gorgeous in the "Sirena" Gown. She writes " It's one of my favorites because the coloration is as rich as the styling.  The ability to detach the bustle is a great feature, so one can dance without obscuring a partner's face and gaze.  I feel absolutely elegant and beautiful in this dress." 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Beaming Beauties :)

Thanks to the Moonbeams that sent pics wearing outfits from *Moonstar*. Here are todays:

Here is Skyspinner Soulstar wearing the Aubergine Organza short dress in flowers at Gwampas Dance Kamp. She writes "This short organza dress is perfect to dance in - it swings and sways as you move, and has the design detail at the hem that shows off the cute line of the skirt".

Angelfire Teebrook looks great wearing the Autumn Cats Leather Pants Suit.

Barbara Iwish won this Pumpkin Tartan Dress and Shoes in the UNlucky Chair just outside the store - dare YOU try your luck there?

Finally we have Stephanie Ferengeto looking lovely at Fers World Photo Studio.