Saturday, 8 August 2015

Barbara's *Moonstar* Confidential!

:*♥`*:-._.-.•*`¯`*•♥✽♥*Moonstar by the Sea*♥✽♥•*`¯`*•..-:*♥`*:

.    A very warm welcome to ~all~ our wonderful Moonbeams!
                 Thank you all SO very much :)

♥♥♥ The Lexi Project ♥♥♥

We have another outfit for sale at the Lexi Project with - of course - 100% of the amount going to Lexi. The event ends tomorrow but until then you can find it at:
Eight hours ago this was posted:
"Grand total for the whole event: 2,415,405L!"

♥♥♥ NEW♥♥♥NEW ♥♥♥ NEW ♥♥♥

 ♥♥♥Our Weekend Special ♥♥♥

For Saturday 8th August
  Look out for it every weekend, you'll not want to miss it @ L$99, the best bargain in SL!

The  Dreams Gown and it's matching Accessories is rather special. In cream, it has a pattern of half remembered dreams to the bodice and the lower half of the skirt. The earrings and necklace set it off perfectly and the outfit is completed by the wreath of blue roses.
Appliers for Slink Physique, Lola, Maitreya and Omega are included and it's compatible with both classic & mesh avatars.

Matching Slink Mid & SL Avatar shoes are also available at a special price!

 ♥♥♥  Our L$35  Monday Mania   ♥♥♥  

Ever hear the old joke asking why the elephant painted his toenails red? It was so he could hide in a cherry tree and this outfit will be very tempting for elephants with red toenails as it's covered in cherries :)
It's the Cherry Shorts Set and is a great two-piece outfit for the summer. It will double as a swimsuit as well, showing off your figure to perfection :)
Compatible with Classic Avatars & comes with appliers for Omega, Lola, Maitreya & Slink Physique :)

✽✽✽  Our L$45 specials ✽✽✽

The Purple Huggy Dress & Necklace will make you feel so loved and wanted you'll never want to take it off. It has a multi-layered skirt with silver edging and hand silhouettes reaching up just above. The bodice has a large pair of hands that will hug you all the time you're wearing the dress and the matching necklace completes the outfit.
Appliers for Slink Physique, Lola, Maitreya and Omega are included and it's compatible with both classic & mesh avatars.

The MESH Janice Dress and Arm Bangle is a striking halter neck dress in a deep violet with a pattern of flowers in  pale violet and the theme is continued in the arm bangle that carries a small cluster of flowers that match those on the dress.

♥♥♥*Our Fifty5 Specials*♥♥♥
Want your own rainbow ? Here's a very portable one, you can wear it :)  It's the MESH Funky Monkey Jumpsuit & Bangles, an ideal outfit for the summer as it's lightweight yet  keeps you protected from the sun with just your shoulders & arms needing sunblock, you can certainly have fun in this :)
The Fuschia Slink High Shoes would make a good match with the  Funky Monkey suit as well as many other outfits, dresses and gowns with their peep-toe design.

The Melody Pants and Skirt Set with Bangles has a neat bustier style top and 'sprayed on' pair of pants with long shoulder straps that can be switched for an extremely short skirt that leaves little to the imagination, so you have the guys standing around with their tongues hanging out, great fun *giggle*

♥♥♥ NEW♥♥♥NEW ♥♥♥ NEW ♥♥♥
✽✽✽✽ This weeks New In Store  ✽✽✽✽

The  Coralie Gown and it's matching Jewellery is a long slim gown in a deep coral, backless and totally off-the-shoulder with a collar at the neck supporting the front of the gown which has a fine mesh panel that is almost transparent from stomach to neck, the whole gown being draped around with silver sparklies.
The matching jewellery consists of a tiara, earrings and a bracelet - it's absolutely superb!􀂂
 Appliers for Slink Physique, Lola, Maitreya and Omega are included and it's compatible  with both classic and mesh avatars.

Matching Slink High and SL Avatar shoes are also available. 

The MESH Pink Crystal Gown & Bracelet for classic avatars is a halter neck sheath gown in a wrap-over style with a deep frilled hem that extends up the wrap-over. In a pale rose tint, it has an abstract pattern of vines with flowers and comes with a matching bracelet.
The matching Pink Crystal Slink High Shoes are available as extras.

The Tammy Black Lace Gown and Necklace was made by special request as an alternative to the MESH version. It's pretty spectacular as it leaves you almost undressed as your back is only covered by a slim centre strap that supports the rear of the skirt, which is full length. It has a deep vee neckline trimmed in silver with a slim silver band at the waist and the contrasting necklace sets it off perfectly.
􀁿Compatible with Classic and MESH Avatars and comes with appliers for Omega, Lola, Maitreya and Slink Physique.

The Caledon Pant suit is a must for all you Scots out there, ideal summer wear for rambling around the Highlands and Lowlands!
Compatible with Classic Avatars and comes with appliers for Omega, Lola, Maitreya and Slink Physique.

♥♥♥  Moonstar Group Gifts   ♥♥♥

♥♥   Summer is here, it's August!  ♥♥

Our group gift this month is the Regal Gown and Necklace, in a royal purple with a wide soft and flowing skirt it is an off-the-shoulder gown and the bodice is trimmed with diamante edging and trim, as are the matching opera gloves. It comes with a multi-strand choker style necklace which sets it off perfectly.
Compatible with Classic and MESH Avatars and comes with appliers for Omega, Lola, Maitreya and Slink Physique.

For our Profile Picks thank you gift, we have the Jannie Pant Suit, a casual mix and match outfit to give you many wearable possibilities!

 Find them in the usual place behind the desk and remember to wear your tag :)
Thank you all for being in our group and have an enjoyable August!

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