Saturday, 28 March 2015

Barbara's *Moonstar* Confidential!

♥♥♥Our Weekend Special ♥♥♥
Offer ends @ 17:05 SLT  & 24:05 GMT on  Sun 29th March
Here's the simply georgeous Aurora Lights Gown & Jewellery, Appears to be made of rose petals with the shoulder & headpieces being set off by the addition of small white long-stemmed flowers, the skirt has the appearance of the aurora borealis in reds & blues & it comes with bangles & earcuffs 
 Matching Slink High and SL Avatar shoes are also available as well as A&A hair (along with gift just for visiting!) @

For the next few hours you can grab it for just 99L$!   
It's here:
near the MM boards for this weekend only at this price! 

Our "thank-you-for-visiting" gift is on the desk plus we have "that is it blue and black or white and gold?" - Have YOU been reading about this dress online? Is it blue and black or white and gold? Well now you can test this out and try this dress FOR FREE in a variety of light settings and see if you can replicate the experiment! 


Find it here
Our MidnightMania goodies are in the boards just awaiting your slaps, so don't keep them waiting :)
& please don't forget the Lucky Letters with 3 items in each board

Please remember to collect your named free gift which everyone receives JUST for popping in! (Pssst it's on the rug near the mania boards!) 

Find them here:

                         ✽✽✽✽✽  Our L$35  Monday Mania ✽✽✽✽✽ 
Here's something a little different, the Dusty Rose Sequin Pant Set. Great for evenings out & when it's a little cool as you just need a shawl to set this outfit off.
A  grey sequinned top which is completely off-the-shoulder with separate sleeves & a separate translucent outer layer that is soft & floaty, teamed up with the dusty rose pants it makes a really stunning outfit.

✽✽✽  Our L$45 specials ✽✽✽

To welcome the  warmer weather here's the Fresh Spring Gown & Bangles, a halter neck gown covered in spring flowers that's great for an evening dancing or just having a nice evening with close friends :)

To welcome Spring we have the Easter Capri Pants Set, available in both standard SL & MESH it has a distinctive fluffy lamb logo with a pale rose background colour on the top with repeated miniature bunny's all over the pants 

                                  ♥♥♥*Our Fifty5 Specials*♥♥♥

Here's the Blue Froth Gown & Necklace, in a beautiful pale blue with a frothy pattern to the bodice & hem of the skirt, strapless & off the shoulders it has a matching necklace.

We also have the Lilac Humbug Dress & Bangles, the stripes  being reminiscent of the old fashioned humbugs we used to see years ago that seem to have  disappeared.


& here we have something different, the MESH Easter Bunny Corset Set for those who enjoy having fun at Easter, comes complete with pink ears &  a bunny tail :)

Discount Roulette!

* ♥ *There is a new item for sale at a reduced price of  L$150 (to the left of Monday Mania) ...It's the Pawla Dress & Bangle.

 You buy at full price but get an instant discount of anything from 0 - 100% of what you paid! You even have a chance of getting it free. 
Fancy your chances? Try your luck!

Find them here:
                                 ✽✽✽✽ New In Store ✽✽✽✽
*Enchanted* - really sumptuous gown in delicate pale aqua chiffon, lavishly decorated with fresh green leaves.
It has lots of floaty frills with a matching rose wreath headpiece & leaf necklace, a real work of art.

Also available are the matching Slink High Shoes

& the SL Avatar Shoes

 Something to remind you that spring has sprung, it's the MESH Emerald Lace Two Piece Dress & Bangles.

Also available  are the matching Slink High Shoes with peep toe

Looking forward to the warmer weather we have the MESH Spring Blossoms Dress & Necklace, the dress being bias cut with the opening at the front.

There is also the Sweet Myrtle Dress & Necklace, the top being decorated with spring flowers with a magenta layered skirt.

The Deep Pink Strappy Slink High Shoes will match both of the above dresses.

Finally we have the MESH Beige Butterfies TShirt & Capri Pants Set, great for the about town girl who likes  hanging out with friends.  

Find them here:


      It's the Julha Gown & Necklace to commemorate  achieving 1600 Moonbeams, it's the Juhla Gown & Necklace & it looks forward to the approaching summer with blue skies & fluffy clouds {hopefully :)}
Thanks to so many of you bringing friends over & giving recommendations to others. 

Thank you all SO very much :)
        Find it here:
 ♥♥  Happy March!  ♥♥  

The month we have the lucky "Lucinda" gown which comes with a full set of jewellery.

The profile picks thank you gift has also been updated to the unusual & attractive Blue Glittery Gown :) 

Find them in the usual place behind the desk. 
Thank you all for being in our group and have a marvellous March!
Barbara xxx

This will take you to  our entrance area:


Have a wonderful week!

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